Button button, who’s got the button – Vintage Inspiration

Everytime I see vintage buttons, I’m reminded of my mother’s old tin of sewing notions. There was always some fancy button with a mysterious past. Did it belong to a party dress or coat? Was it something my father found and added to the mix? My dad loves to find things. He once found a big key with the numbers 329 on them and gave it to me. Why? That’s my birthday, March 29. 🙂

When I look at Julie’s etsy shop Vintage Inspiration, I get that same feeling of nostalgia. Her buttons are like jewels in a jewelry box. Some of her buttons even make it on to jewelry, like the ring below.

And these earrings…mom had earrings like this I used to play in as a little girl. I remember feeling so grown up with my dangles on. They’ve even compared them to jewelry worn by Goldie Hawn. Oooh me love Goldie Hawn!!! I still watch Foul Play when it comes on. Dudley Moore dancing around in his swingers’ room is worth the price of admission. Granted I didn’t know what that scene meant when I saw the movie as a kid but I did think he looked silly. LOL!

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