Join us at the Bloomfield Harvestfest – September 16, 2006!

We invite you to visit our booth at the Bloomfield Harvestfest on
Saturday, September 16, 2006
In beautiful, Bloomfield, New Jersey!

All items are on a super sale to celebrate the occasion. We’d love for you to stop by and visit us. (And pick up a great freebie!!)

Hope to see you there!


From the North
Take the Garden State Parkway South to Exit 149 (right past the toll). At the stop sign make a left onto JFK Drive. Follow to the second light and make a right onto Montgomery Street. Go to the light by the Fire Department and make another right onto Franklin Street. After you make the right you will see a parking lot on your left. Take your first left and then an immediate left into the parking lot. Park your car and go have a wonderful day.

From the South
Take the Garden State Parkway North to Exit 148. After the toll continue to the second light and make a left under the bridge onto Franklin Street. Continue through two traffic lights. After you pass through the second light you will see a parking lot on your left. Take your first left past the light and then an immediate left into the parking lot. Park your car and go have a wonderful day.

Collective Elements
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Collective Elements features the best in independent design. We don’t follow trends but instead believe in following one’s own individual style and encourage you to cultivate yours.

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*Coupon is valid between September 16, 2006 and October 16, 2006.

Lakewood BlueClaws Flea Market — July 16, 2006 – Wrap Up

Preparing for my first market was exhausting mentally. I check listed over and over again but felt well prepared.

Favorite resources:
Crafts and Craft Shows by Phil Kadubec
Craft Show 101 by Brandy Agerbeck of Loosetooth

The only thing I waited too long to purchase were bags so of course the shopping bags didn’t show on time so I had to make a trip to Rag Shop to purchase some brown gift bags to hold me for the day. Someone told me to check Home Depot but they only had extra large brown paper lawn bags.

We arrived at my brother’s in Lakewood approximately 11 p.m. My brother always happy for company, wanted my mother, aunt, daughter, and me to stay up late watching movies. I begged off. I was already wired for the next day and wanted to be bright and chipper in the a.m. So off to bed the little girl and I went.

Now I should mention that my family (read: my mother and aunt) are notoriously late for everything. I told them set-up was 6:00am -8:00 am. I got up at 4:45 am. They were still sleeping. I laid down until 5:15 am, then proceeded to get my daughter and myself ready for the day. At 5:45, neither my mother or aunt had hit the shower. Somehow they had forgotten my brother has three bathrooms and two showers in his house. **sigh** So neither one of them had used the bathroom thinking it was unavailable. **rolleyes**

I guess the talk I had with God the previous day worked out because I didn’t flip. I just asked them to hurry up so we could get going. My main concern was getting the tent up because we never had a chance to test it. At 6:45, we’re on the road. (Thank God we didn’t unpack the van.) At 7:00, we were at the market. It was close to my brother’s house so that was a lifesaver. Out came the tent and at the first sign of trouble I asked one of our neighbors to help us and he gladly helped along with another gentleman (Thank you fellas *muah* ) My mom and aunt got the tables set up and I went to work laying out the displays.

Click for larger images!!
Lakewood Flea Market 002

Lakewood Flea Market 001

Lakewood Flea Market 003

Lakewood Flea Market 004

Lakewood Flea Market 005

Lakewood Flea Market 006

Lakewood Flea Market 007

Everything is not shown in the pictures because I had customers before I finished laying out everything. **yippee**

The day went very well. There was constant traffic in and out of the tent. I handed out plenty of flyers and coupons. Alot of compliments on the inventory and set-up. I even had a nail salon owner ask me about setting up stock in her shop. So all in all a good day for a first market.

My mother said she was very proud of me. She loved how I set everything up, my ease with customers, she said she thinks its the beginning of something special. I took my employees (mom, aunt, and daughter) to lunch and we made the trek home. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t tired.

But now its time to plan the next one…

Renegade Craft Fair — Brooklyn — June 18, 2006 – Day Two

With great excitement, I took my daughter to the Renegade Craft Fair held in Brooklyn this past Saturday and Sunday. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it Saturday because I had to do my mother’s hair for a party…only my mother, 58 years old and can’t curl her hair with a curling iron but I digress. We were supposed to catch a ride with my aunt into Brooklyn Saturday night after the above mentioned party but my mother and aunt went to an after party at a hotel. (Again, only my family, lol)

So Sunday morning arrives and my daughter and I get up to make the long trek from New Jersey into NYC. Luckily transportation runs smoothly…bus into Newark, PATH into Manhattan, and L to Bedford Ave…everything connects back to back. I’m so thankful because anyone who has a four year old knows their lack of patience. I try to make long trips into adventures by telling her to count the stops and look out the windows and tell me what she sees. She was excited about riding two trains so that keeps her entertained.

Da Kid

We get to the park in great time. Just in time to get a goodie bag. **!!BONUS!!** I figure we’ll walk around and get an idea what’s what before we really shop. As I walk around I recognize many of the vendor names:
India Romeo
Crafty Chica
Twigs and Heather
To name a few…

I especially ones I have requested wholesale materials from like If’N Books and Biggs and Featherbelle. My daughter quickly reaches her first of many expiration dates of the day and demands a hot dog. I calculate its been a few hours since her morning bowl of Fruit Loops and stop a vendor to get “dos perros calientes” with ketchup and mustard. I snap a few pictures of the booths of TwoSpace and GirliePants

Renegade Craft Fair

Picture 002

Renegade Craft Fair

Little did I know these would be the only pictures I would get.

After stuffing ourselves with suspicious pink meat we continue walking around. I recognize Jess of Miss Chief Productions and spend a few minutes introducing myself and chatting with her about the fair. I score some awesome paper magnets for my mom who is a magnet freak and some cool bottle caps magnets for myself. My daughter gets a cool retro sticker.

Miss Chief Shop

Miss Chief Shop

We didn’t get far before I fell in love with the glass at Kiku. I could kick myself for not bringing more cash. I resigned myself to just purchasing a pair of hair pins rather than the necklace I really wanted. I grabbed their business card. I will definitely buy online.


We kept circling the whole park…stopping to admire different “pretties” I admit I was alittle burned about one thing…are there no diyers making plus size clothes…I would if I could sew! But all in all great stuff to be found. Fell in love with more glass at Anna Built but had to walk away because I had just bought a beautiful hand blown pendant from the ladies at Shevon Gant’s booth. I guess you can tell I love glass and ceramics. Maybe because I was so clumsy as a child and had to admire them from afar. Shevon’s ceramics are gorgeous. I gave her my business card hoping she’d consider placing some product in my store.

Shevon Gant

Me in Shevon Gant

By this time, my daughter was entering melt down #3. She wasn’t satisfied with the chocolate ice cream cup I’d spent $2 on. Four year olds you gotta love them. Stopped in Kate Black of Bad Buttons’ booth to introduce myself…I carry some of her buttons in my shop but we’ve only “met” through emails. She was great…even offered my daughter an ice pop.

Next up, stopped to introduce myself to Sarah of The Small Object. I can not express how much I love her stuff. The quality is outstanding! I’m glad to carry her products. She recognized who I was as soon as she heard my name. That was great! I love that the indie community is so close and personable.

After looking around, I took my daughter to My Paper Crane to pick out a creature. I personally love the cupcakes and milk cartons so I was happy when my daughter chose a pink cupcake as her new little friend. It has a place of honor in her bedroom.

Da Kid and da My Paper Crane cupcake

After that it was pretty hot and we were both getting tired. My mom and aunt were coming to pick us up so we went for a walk to a local bodega to get some water. While there we ran into Vickie Howell and Jennifer Perkins. Again I introduced myself and chatted a bit about the hot weather. They encouraged me to be a vendor for next year’s show. Ha! I haven’t designed stationery in awhile and I have a few craft projects waiting to be finished but I’m considering it. We’ll see.

After returning the park, I picked up some cool hair clips from Rainbow Sugar and we soon were picked up by mom and auntie.

Rainbow Sugar

Overall a good day…as I said I wish I had budgeted more cash. I used my credit card once but didn’t want to get carried away. Was definitely worth the trip and solidified and energized my passion for indie products. I wish I could have visited Art Star last month in Philly but I’ll definitely try to visit some of the local markets in NYC.

Coming soon to a town near you!

It’s finally time to prepare for seasonal flea markets and street fairs.

I really need to get on the ball…

First one:
Lakewood Blue Claws Flea Market, July 16, 2006
My brother told me about this flea market. It’s a new one opening this week in his town. It’s only once a month so I don’t know how busy it will be. It’s at a stadium for a local minor league baseball team. It’s a short day 8am – 2pm. So I figure its a great trial run. The space is 18 x 18 for only $30. I can’t beat that with a stick. I need to send in my application and check and I’ll be all set for that. I just wish there was a home game that day. More foot traffic.

2nd one:
Meadowlands Flea Market, August 2006
This is a weekly flea market at the stadium the NY Giants play at. It’s pretty large. We scoped it out last month. A mixture of new, vintage, antique, and plain old junk. I’m concerned about placement but hopefully we can find a good spot. Heavy foot traffic. I need to pick a weekend for August. I’m hoping I can find a street festival to replace this but we will see. I would rather be a vendor for the Howard/Grambling game but they want WAY too much money.

3rd one:
Bloomfield Harvestfest, September 16, 2006
This is the largest event I signed up for. I expect good foot traffic. Plus its a young hip town with a local college…good customers for my products. Plus its heavily advertised locally and statewide.