October 29, 2011? Really?

Just some pics from the neighborhood this past Saturday when we got hit with an early Nor’easter.


All snowed in

It snowed here in NJ on Wednesday. This was storm number seven and another is on the way.  Work and the kid’s school were closed Thursday.  Friday, the kid was under the weather and the roads were bad.  Saturday, I couldn’t get to class which sucks because I hate programming and need to be there as much as I can to retain it.  These snowstorms are getting to me…

 Ice on the front steps

 Snow labyrinth in the neighborhood
 Wall of snow
 View out of front door Thursday morning
 My neighbor’s sons come out and shovel the stairs and walk.
 Snow at the back door.
 Back stairs.
AAACK and its only January!!!

Getting Physical

Well yesterday was day eight of getting fit. I feel my cardio getting stronger but unfortunately my bum knee is not coorperating. The owner of the club suggested I do isometrics to help strengthen my knee so I’ll be working with the trainer hopefully next week. No pounds lost but that’s okay…I’m moving and that’s the important thing. And the body/massage work trainer gave me some points to deal with my knee getting weak. (He has the same problem.) So next week I’m going to stay on my path of building cardio. I actually got on the elliptical yesterday and didn’t feel like I was going to die. PROGRESS!!!!!

It’s so 80s. I LOVE IT!!! I used to LOVE Olivia Newton John. What?!! Xanadu is still one of my faves! LOL

First steps to a more golden life

I started back at the gym this week. Being a plus-size femme fatale has never been a problem…I like me. I’ve always been active, walking every where, taking the stairs vs. escalator/elevator but the past two years I’ve been literally sitting on my bum and believe me, I felt the lack of activity this week.

Monday, I jumped on the elliptical first…stepping hard for a good few minutes before my knee said, “Danielle, what da hell are you doing?” and I had to get off. LOL I admit I stayed on there as long as I did because there were two ladies behind me on the treadmill and I didn’t want to look like a punk. But I reminded myself that I’m there for me and not for other people. It doesn’t make sense to hurt myself because I have too much pride (ego). So I got off that elliptical, got some water and continued my workout on the treadmill. Hey, I paid $105 to join this gym. I’m not going to quit cause I got alittle ahead of myself on the elliptical. LOL. And I stayed on the treadmill for the next few days, walking alittle longer, further, and faster each day. So I’m proud of this first step to living my life a little more golden.

Guess What?!!!

Calm down, calm down. No I’m not getting married. No I didn’t get engaged. LOL. Sorry everyone, false alarm. Breathe!

Okay now that your heart has stopped racing. I’ve been looking at the cover of this Martha Stewart Wedding mag for the past two months. And even though I am dating the self described “confirmed bachelor”, I secretly coveted this issue. It’s not because I’m in a rush to get married. (Yes I would like to marry my beau. He is the “tops”) But I was afraid of how this purchase would be perceived by others.

Background info: Eight years ago I met someone who I thought was the “love of my life” and after a few brief chats of getting married I started planning. And planning and planning. No ring in sight but I was trying on wedding gowns…argued with the man 90% of the time but I was visiting reception sites…knew deep in my heart he wasn’t the one for me but I was keeping a wedding journal and designing reception themes. **sigh**

See while most little girls dreamed of wearing the white dress and floating down the aisle, I dreamed of conquering industry. I didn’t know what I wanted to do for a living. All I knew was that I was going to be a CAREER WOMAN. Marriage was never on the agenda. I was too strange, too quirky, too independent to ever get married. Yeah, I might have a kid or two but marriage….BAH!!! But as soon as my ex mentioned marriage, I feel in love with the idea of a white wedding. Since I had never thought of getting married I went crazy with my lists and planner books and wedding mags. Like most “brides to be” I was obsessive. Every third word out of my mouth was wedding related. I’m the only female in my entire generation and it was a BIG deal for me to get married. It took two years and the birth of my daughter to realize my ex liked the “idea” of marriage vs. actually getting married. When it crashed and burned everyone in the family knew. So I was hesitant to pick up a bridal magazine and bring it home where someone might see it as they dropped by on a visit.

So why buy it?

Cause I love art deco and the cover just SINGS art deco! Cause I watch “Who’s Wedding Is It Anyway?” like religion. (I love train wreck brides and I love a good wedding theme) Cause I love looking at wedding cakes just for their artistic value. Cause I get party theme ideas from reception photos.

Because I love this ring!!

And this ring..

And this one too!!!

And because who said I had to be engaged to enjoy a good bridal mag!!! I’ve bought them when I didn’t have a beau. I used to buy them in high school.
And maybe because if the self described “confirmed bachelor” ever decided to give up bachelorhood for me, I’d have somewhere to start.
But even if he doesn’t I can enjoy my pretty pictures.