I’m a winner…again!!!

Good times…good times…I won this fabulous hat and scarf set from Yarn Coture on I Heart Handmade Spring. Beautiful crochet work and fun colors. I wish I could do a better picture of the hat but since I have an abnormally large head it doesn’t quite fit. LOL. Hey I know my limitations!! (Maryum, the hat will be gifted to someone special. It’s too beautiful to go to waste.) But check out these beauties.

Newest Crochet Project – Purple/Pink Multi Crocheted Rasta Hat

I started this hat like my other berets but somewhere I added a stitch or a row or something so it was was too big when I got to the point of ending it so…I kept going and modified the design to make a larger hat perfect for long locs or long hair. Perfect if you wear updos. Finished Saturday morning before heading to the EtsyNJ meetup