What I’m Working On: Crocheted Flowers

Nicky Epstein’s Crocheted Flowers

I actually bought this book a few years ago. I never used it because I didn’t have the correct hooks for the gauges. I recently decided to throw that thought out the window and play around a bit.

Well Nicky said nothing about hair fancies but I think these flowers are perfect for this.  I’m still prototyping but these should be available in the shop next month.

I have no idea what to do with this hair!!!

I relaxed it yesterday and burned my face yet again. **sigh** Too busy being busy. You can’t see how red it is in this picture. I was debating dyeing it black again but everyone hates when I go dark. My natural haircolor is a sort of mousy brown (referencing Lucy Ricardo). It looks pretty in the summer when it highlights but mostly its just dull brown. Please forgive the pic, I’m sans makeup, lol

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So Long, Angela Davis!

As some of you know, I went natural and chopped all my hair off in April. I never planned on staying chemical free…just wanted to give my hair a break. I just had to decide when to go back to straight hair. After some thought, I decided it was time. So here I am in April after the big chop:

Here I am last week after my first relaxer in six months:

Forgive my junky bedroom but you can see here how much it grew in five months.

Overall I’m happy with how much it grew. I know if I were a bit more patient, I could have gotten it a bit longer. The less heat and chemicals I use the better but for now I can do some other stress free hairdos (twists, waves, etc.) to keep it healthy and get it closer to the length I want.
Almost everyone (except me) was sad to see my baby fro go. I was more Jill Scott (first album) than Angela Davis. I change my hair alot so it was beginning to wear on me that it was the same everyday. Hmm…maybe I’ll get my retro waves this week.

It’s a whole new OLD me!

I decided to get a new cut which in reality is an old cut. After wearing long hair past my shoulders for my childhood and teens, I did the grand chop at 21, rocking short hair a la Halle Berry or Toni Braxton.

When I turned 31, I thought maybe I should return to my long hair. But after three years of struggling to get it past my shoulders again, I got tired of it. So in March I snipped a bit and would up with a shorter version of Rihanna’s bi-level cut. There was still too much hair on my head so…

fresh from the hair salon we have…