Partners in (Art) Crime

Who’s that little girl? Well that’s my little girl at the Handmade Cavalcade two weekends ago in Beacon, NY. Even though she’s only six, she’s already displaying artistic talent. She has a series of bright girls she forever sketching. Her future career goal is to be an art teacher so she can make art like her mommy and all the people she sells with. (AWWWW, how can I not love her?)

Last weekend, we tried our hand at making paper out of old catalogs and dried roses my beau gave her for her birthday.

Messy work but came out pretty decent for a first try.

Crochet on the Go!

Despite the fact that many urbanites dread the daily commute, I look forward to it as a way to catch up on things. When I worked in the city, I would read novels on my morning bus ride into New York. My commute is much shorter now. I go from one city to another in New Jersey so instead of losing myself in a story, I lose myself in a project. I’ve found that a ball of yarn and a hook fit conveniently in my everyday tote. Commuting, whether long or short, can help you get some crafting time into a busy schedule. Personally I like to work on smaller projects like toys or hats because they are easily portable.

But you can easily work on small projects like these:

Vine Cotton Crochet Bracelet by Bubolina

In addition to my basic tools of yarn and hook, I like to make sure I have my Zen Mp3 player cued to the appropriate soundtrack. Just like when you’re working out, music can motivate and inspire you. While I’m a die hard R&B lover, I notice I’m faster when I’m crocheting to club music and hip-hop. If it makes me dance, it makes my fingers fly through the yarn.

I’ve met so many fellow crafters through my travels. Passengers on the bus watch my busy fingers as a piece takes shape. It breaks barriers. Women (and sometimes men) will ask what I’m working on and tell me about projects they have at home. I’ve heard so many stories of how someone was introduced to crocheting, knitting, sewing, and more.

Last minute prep for Handmade Faire – April 20 – Waretown, NJ

Been busy prepping inventory for this weekend’s Handmade Faire in Waretown. I’m like a busy crafty beaver. So sleepy and so wired at the same time. I have a few more products to make but at some point I’m going to have to stop.

This is my first fair where I’m exhibiting my wares only so I’m a tad bit nervous but feeling good. My trusty helpers (Mom, Aunt Laraine, and Evie) will be there to assist me so that always promises a good day.