Wedding Challenge Voting

The Jewelry on Etsy Team (JET), EtsyFAST, and ETSY Greetings street teams have come together to offer their members a creative Wedding Challenge. Members were challenged to design a “jewelry”, “fiber”, or “paper” item inspired by a featured bride’s wedding details. The bride and groom were chosen from another online community, Our Little Universe. The challenge – to create a piece that would be a perfect fit for their – Autumn and John’s – wedding event. The piece could be for the wedding, reception or the honeymoon – the choice was left to the designer.

Info on the bride and groom (as well as the challenge itself) can be found at the EtsyFast blog and in the FAST wedding challenge subforum and on the team blogs of the JET and EtsyGreetings teams.

FAST has the honors of hosting the voting for EtsyGreetings (the paper entries). Voting is open from April 29 until midnight EST May 6th and the results will be announced on May 9th. So skip on over, check it out, and vote!!!