I sell stationery not stationary.

(Source:  Nancy and Betty Studio)

Yesterday, I spent the day helping a friend at a local craft show.  Before the show started I strolled around to check out the competition.  I noticed one lone stationery vendor.  Oh excuse me…”stationary” vendor.  The vendor in question, had a cute little chalkboard sign stationed outside of their tent with the words “FINE STATIONARY” in big bold letters.

At first, I thought it was a mistake and walked over to help a fellow paper vendor out.  As I got closer to the tent, I noticed stationery wasn’t spelled wrong once on the chalkboard but throughout the vendor’s tent.  “Fine Stationary”.  Hmm…no mistake.

At that point, I figured it didn’t make sense to say a word.  In fact, I grew concerned the person might not appreciate me pointing out the misspelling.

Oh well…doesn’t look good when you don’t know how to spell the name of your product.

Today was supposed to be new release day

Unfortunately, my printer is refusing to print back copy so production is a bit delayed.  I plan on releasing new holiday cards this month. Just need to sort out my printer issues first.  I haven’t printed new back copy during my break to finish grad school. And during late summer’s hurricane, the printer got some water damage from a leak.  I’m thinking its time to look for replacements.  It is five years old and I really want a wireless printer.  Any suggestions?

Tea Party Done, Blog Redesign Done, Tomorrow Sleep

The tea party was a mini success. I say mini because only two girls showed up but they had a lot of fun and my daughter was happy. I admit planning was frustrating. I sent out ten invites and only had one RSVP the day before. So I was driving myself crazy about what I should buy. There’s alot of leftovers. I really wish someone could have taken a minute to call or email and say “Sorry my kid can’t make it.” It’s just proper and polite. **sigh**

I did manage to finish the redesign on my blog. I really like that it has a mood now. Thanks Dee on the compliment on the colors. I need to tweek my www.collectiveelements.com a bit more and I’m complete with the redesign a few weeks early. Woo hoo!

I’m still debating if I want to stay with an Etsy shop or work with Google checkout. I looked into a GoDaddy cart. The expense is just not feasible. Especially when I can code myself. The Google cart looks promising. I like the fact that I can make an inventory sheet and it automatically updates. We’ll see. I have to get ready for the holiday season.

First Draft of Redesign

I like the way things are shaping up. The tea party is tomorrow so I will probably finish up on Sunday. To make things move faster: I found a great template on http://btemplates.com/. I was really looking for more of a layout than graphic package.

This Dandy Dandelion template had the layout I was looking for. I just need to tweek it a bit to suit my needs but its great by itself. You can find it here: http://btemplates.com/2009/06/02/dandy-dandilion/

To Rebrand or Not

In the two+ years since I began Collective Elements, it has gone through many transformations. I have rebranded several times but one look just seemed to fit perfectly with my vision. So after some thought, I’m returning to the clean font title and floral background from 2007. I really like the look and feel of this background and the colors. I hope you enjoy.

I’m a true blue Jersey Girl but…

I miss working in the city (New York City, that is)…especially by Central Park. I used to work for a company called MoviebankUSA on 57th and 7th right across from Carnegie Hall. What bliss!!

My current job sent me for Access training Monday and Tuesday on 57th and Madison so I had the pleasure of passing the Park and the Plaza Hotel.