Artsy Fartsy Stuff with the Kid

I’m artsy and my daughter’s artsy.  I’m trying to help develop her technique.   I admit my formal training is limited in certain disciplines.  For example: painting.  My painting instruction is limited to the Joy of Painting with Bob Ross. Before you laugh, I know I can’t be the only one making happy trees.

My daughter had to make a diorama of the tundra for class. So guess who decided to make it into a painting lesson? 

Painted with acrylic paint in a Payless shoe box. (Yeah, we recycle/reuse/remix like that)
It took about a week to complete.  I think it came out pretty well considering she doesn’t paint often and I didn’t help (take over) too much.  I let her choose the colors and basically just defined things a bit when she went off track. For example, she picked turquoise blue for the sky.  I softened it by adding the clouds by dabbing on white paint with a crumpled paper towel. 

Work In Progress – Lemoncholy’s Easter Swap

I am so late!!! My swap for Lemoncholy is due Monday. I admit I was having some problems coming up with an idea since this is my first mixed media swap. I finally decided I wanted to do an angel ornament. I have a picture of my aunt from her sweet sixteen (1961) that I think is perfect so I added some wings to it and removed the background. Right now this is just a starting point. I’m going to cut out the angels and use my badge-a-minit machine to make a mirror. To make it more like an ornament, I’m going to add a ribbon between the pieces so it can be hung. I hope that works. I will embellish the pictures more before I connect the sections.
What do you think so far? She was so pretty in this picture and she hates it. It is one of my absolute favorite pictures from my grandma’s collection.

Partners in (Art) Crime

Who’s that little girl? Well that’s my little girl at the Handmade Cavalcade two weekends ago in Beacon, NY. Even though she’s only six, she’s already displaying artistic talent. She has a series of bright girls she forever sketching. Her future career goal is to be an art teacher so she can make art like her mommy and all the people she sells with. (AWWWW, how can I not love her?)

Last weekend, we tried our hand at making paper out of old catalogs and dried roses my beau gave her for her birthday.

Messy work but came out pretty decent for a first try.

Sidewalk Chalk Art

One of the bonuses of being a parent is that I get to re-experience some of the joys of childhood. I know many of us can remember playing hopscotch in front of our apartment buildings or houses. The setup was almost as important as the actual game. If you weren’t lucky enough to have an actual stick of chalk, you’d look for that perfect rock or piece of concrete for drawing your beautiful hopscotch grid. A clean flat stretch of sidewalk would do but it was better when you could draw on that sweet black pavement of the street or a driveway.

As the only girl in my generation in my family, it wasn’t often I could get my brother or cousins to play hopscotch with me. It was more likely I would play skully or one of a million games of freeze tag, hide ‘n’ seek, or hot peas and butter with them. So I spent most of my moments with that hopscotch piece of chalk drawing masterpieces on black pavement. It was WAY better than drawing on my small chalkboard at home. Outside, my pictures could stretch forever and be admired by anyone who happened to walk by.

Now I share that with my little artist daughter every summer. We take our bucket of sidewalk chalk and draw hearts and flowers in front of our house. Sometimes my nephews (even the 12 year old one) will join us as we do out part to beautify the world.

More art in the city:
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