Tea Party Done, Blog Redesign Done, Tomorrow Sleep

The tea party was a mini success. I say mini because only two girls showed up but they had a lot of fun and my daughter was happy. I admit planning was frustrating. I sent out ten invites and only had one RSVP the day before. So I was driving myself crazy about what I should buy. There’s alot of leftovers. I really wish someone could have taken a minute to call or email and say “Sorry my kid can’t make it.” It’s just proper and polite. **sigh**

I did manage to finish the redesign on my blog. I really like that it has a mood now. Thanks Dee on the compliment on the colors. I need to tweek my www.collectiveelements.com a bit more and I’m complete with the redesign a few weeks early. Woo hoo!

I’m still debating if I want to stay with an Etsy shop or work with Google checkout. I looked into a GoDaddy cart. The expense is just not feasible. Especially when I can code myself. The Google cart looks promising. I like the fact that I can make an inventory sheet and it automatically updates. We’ll see. I have to get ready for the holiday season.


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