Coming soon to a town near you!

It’s finally time to prepare for seasonal flea markets and street fairs.

I really need to get on the ball…

First one:
Lakewood Blue Claws Flea Market, July 16, 2006
My brother told me about this flea market. It’s a new one opening this week in his town. It’s only once a month so I don’t know how busy it will be. It’s at a stadium for a local minor league baseball team. It’s a short day 8am – 2pm. So I figure its a great trial run. The space is 18 x 18 for only $30. I can’t beat that with a stick. I need to send in my application and check and I’ll be all set for that. I just wish there was a home game that day. More foot traffic.

2nd one:
Meadowlands Flea Market, August 2006
This is a weekly flea market at the stadium the NY Giants play at. It’s pretty large. We scoped it out last month. A mixture of new, vintage, antique, and plain old junk. I’m concerned about placement but hopefully we can find a good spot. Heavy foot traffic. I need to pick a weekend for August. I’m hoping I can find a street festival to replace this but we will see. I would rather be a vendor for the Howard/Grambling game but they want WAY too much money.

3rd one:
Bloomfield Harvestfest, September 16, 2006
This is the largest event I signed up for. I expect good foot traffic. Plus its a young hip town with a local college…good customers for my products. Plus its heavily advertised locally and statewide.

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